You can't win them all, ladies & gentlemen is a live radio show produced by artist and musician Jenny Moore.

It's made in front of a live studio audience and it travels.
In 2014-15, it has been to Winnipeg CA, Amsterdam NL, Nottingham UK and London UK.

Season One is built around four 'hot' words that are potentially common qualities (productive problems?) in both daily life and art-making. If the artist is meant to be a one-man-band, highly bound both to her own sense of autonomy and the market-driven art world (a world that is often misunderstood as disembodied, one that we can step in and out of), then how can she build herself a context of responsibility, criticality and urgency?

Get together. Talk about it. Make things, mess it up.


Click on these things to listen to the show.
Episode 1 takes HAPPINESS as it’s heat. Happiness, like love, seems to be something we all agree is the most important thing we should be seeking. However, when pressed for a definition most of us end up describing what happiness is not more than what it is. According to the international reputation, Happiness is going on in Canada. Good luck.
Episode 3 takes MISUNDER-
STANDINGS as its method. We celebrate nonsense, invent new words, be ventriloquists, undermine clear business plans, explore the edges of clarity, talk sexual health, read meaning into not-knowing, squeeze into the wrong spaces, and take pleasure in being completely mis-interpreted
Episode 4 take QUALITY as our query. Never given the chance to shine, house bands are hired to provide excellent musicianship at perfectly timed moments – so much so that they disappear into the atmosphere of the show. For the Quality episode, the recently-assembled You can’t win them all house band – “Housemusic” - will enter The Crystal Set to write and record an album in three days, performing it live on the fourth day in front of a live studio audience. Based on interpretation, improvisation, desire and pressure, our final radio show is the high point of the You can’t win them all mountain; a peak, a track, a jingle, a trip
Episode 2 takes EXPECTATIONS as it’s ethos. Together as artists, musicians, writers, listeners & thinkers, we momentarily: trash ambition, celebrate the underdog, spray-paint the glass ceiling to make it visible, wrestle desire, dreams, debt and positive thinking, look for prophets, listen to witches, read our horoscopes and, above all, play our tunes.